Installation at Jupiter Artland

The task we undertook was to hand finish hundreds of architectural components fabricated from a variety of materials (timber, metal, resin etc)  which were then assembled on site. The result is a completely white, beautifully elegant structure set against a backdrop of mature trees. Within the installation, you find a walkway with formal planting down each side linking two ornate towers. 

After three years of exposure to the elements “The Rose Walk” is in need of some restoration to bring it back to pristine condition. This work will be carried out during the months the estate is closed to visitors. It’s exciting to be involved once again as I, along with the other artists and craftspeople involved feel a strong personal connection to this particular artwork. 



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Landscape Abstracted

New approach to landscape painting.

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Welcome to my new website!

I hope you enjoy browsing this online portfolio. You will find examples of recent paintings as well as an archive of earlier work. 

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New Parisian home

“Through Garden Doors” finds it’s way to Paris!